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It assembles media  or PR coverage reports with quantitative and qualitative data that shows the success of your campaigns.

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Joy Sanders
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ANNIE Johnson
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"Works perfectly and very quickly too. Really happy :), it's a great PR coverage report builder"
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StePhanie Ruiz
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"It saves me hours of time and clients love to see the results of our work with easy to understand metrics all presented professionally."​
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MAtthew d.
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"Bookizer helps to monitor media coverage and turns it into a professional pressbook and PR reporting that compiles the screenshots, clips and the metrics of online coverage with just one click. It's very simple to use it and it saves an enormous amount of time."
Lucy S.
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"Quick and simple way to turn earned media coverage into beautifully designed customizable reports. Automation is crucial for PR agencies. Bookizer does all the work for you, I just love's a great PR coverage report builder."
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Scott Remy
Social Media Manager
"Incredibly user-friendly and fast. You just put the links, it takes the screenshots, you can choose the best images and even delete the unwanted ads, it also provides direct links to the articles. Clients love the creative looks of PDF and online reports. Bookizer is invaluable."
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