Our job is to make the life of PR teams easier!



Bookizer was born from a simple observation and first-hand experience: compiling a press-book and realising that it’s simply the most tedious and the most annoying work that exists… 

Anyone who has done this job will confirm it.
Ut the worst is the layout: entering the titles, inserting the screenshots, struggling with Word or Powerpoint, etc. The result is often dull, mediocre and unprofessional, to put it simply, you give a very amateur impression of yourself. 

It is from this point we have decided to develop a tool that can do this job quickly, professionally and also make the PR team proud of their job.

Thus Bookizer was born.

Smart automation is crucial for PR agencies!




It saves you a great amount of time!

Smart automation in PR is essential, you do not need to have coverage reporting headaches and lose your valuable time with manually screenshot coverage, take metrics, copy, paste, align, organise… Instead you go out there and find more clients.  So just let Bookizer do its job and you keep doing yours, PR. 

It shows your value!

Bookizer helps you deliver professional PR reports with analytics which your clients will appreciate. We help you deliver impressive results which in return validate your work, reveal your true worth, be respected and continue to get paid.

It’s time to upgrade!

Measuring PR can get super complicated! However with Bookizer you can measure the value of your content, the success of  your campaigns and adjust your strategy as needed.  

 It’s time to use Bookizer to make your life easier!