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What is a press review ? A press review is a specific production. This is a press coverage report, a summary of the titles of the general or specialized press, mainly from a written source (written or online press). It is a “joint and comparative presentation of various comments emanating from different journalists and concerning the same theme or the same event”.

press review or press report is a journalistic and entrepreneurial genre that consists of a compilation of general or specialized press articles, on a chosen geographic and temporal scale. This summary may legally fall within the scope of the press if it does not meet certain criteria, including free admission.

The “Press review” was invented under this name by Charles Maurras, in the Action Française, allowing him to criticize the ideas published in other press titles.

This review can be distributed on a written medium, but any other media medium can be chosen. Radio and television press reviews are common and often occupy a range of morning shows.

But the term “review” or “panorama” is debated. Thus, for many organizations, the “press review” is the exhaustive listing of articles while the panorama is a selection of articles that are the most representative of points of view or subjects. Thus, press coverage reviews can reach hundreds of pages when the panorama seeks to be smaller but to allow a panoramic view.

What is a press review for ?


The press coverage review is the ideal tool to analyze the impact of your actions in the press and to improve your relations with journalists. There is no better way to know the different media, to discover the signatures, the favorite subjects of journalists. 

It allows you to position yourself in relation to the competition. It informs executives about their sector of activity. It motivates the staff. It is only distributed internally. The press coverage book selects the articles published during a year. It can be distributed to the company’s customers and partners.

What is a press review for ? Why write or read a press review ? A press review shows how the media (newspapers and magazines, radio, television, etc.) deal with the facts and present them to their audiences. Through its synthesis, it allows them to keep informed about a subject, an event, a domain, a sector of activity or a particular organization, to follow step by step all its novelties. And its developments, to know its echoes in the press.

The interest of a press review is also to reflect the pluralism of the media : variety of attitudes and points of view of the media vis-à-vis current events, diversity of opinions in France. Finally, the press coverage review is a creation in itself : it cannot be reduced to the simple juxtaposition of information. It stems from an original work of research and critical selection of information, personal analysis and synthesis. It highlights choices : choice of press sources and opinions, organization of information in the press review, choice of data and quotes, hindsight and humor…

How to build a press coverage book ?

Characteristics of a press coverage book

There are 2 types of press reviews :

  • The thematic press review : the editor chooses common information (a single subject, an event, a field, etc.) and compares the processing carried out in the various publications of the hurry. For example, it can identify the “pros” and “cons” or provide an overview of the various aspects highlighted in the press on this subject.
  • The Unes press review : the editor compiles the headlines of the information that are highlighted on the front page of newspapers on a certain day.

The press review can be distributed on different media : written press, radio, television, Internet… The press review follows a particular logic : its information is classified, presented according to a plan and an angle (problematic…). 

The press sources cited in the press review can be varied as well by their frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly…), their political orientation as by their area of distribution (departmental, regional, national, international) and their area of specialization (economics, politics, science, etc.).

And for each piece of information given, the press review offers several different sources and points of view which are presented either in opposition or in a complementary manner (details, nuances, etc.).


A press review must respect several rules :

  • Respect for the right of reciprocity : compilation of several sources on the same subject.
  • Organized grouping of information by headings, themes or events ; creation and classification work.
  • Respect for copyright (moral and economic rights) : resumption of articles or information, short quotes which should not exempt the reader from reading the original article (Website : URL link to the original article), full mention of the author and the source allowing the reader to refer to it easily.
  • Non-distortion of the spirit or the form of the cited work.

How to build a press coverage book


A press coverage review is aimed at a specific audience. Its content varies depending on the target (general management, management, expatriates, operators, all staff). So-called institutional news press reviews allow the company or organization to keep abreast of what is being said about it or what is happening in its sector of activity.

There are also “product” press reviews, “documentary” press reviews and audiovisual “freelancers” (transcriptions of radio or television interventions). With the introduction of the Internet in businesses, press reviews are increasingly digitized and include a component for analyzing conversations on social networks. 

How to use it ?

Steps :

  • Define the target, frequency and delivery time. A press review can be carried out every day, every week or every month. Daily, she follows the news. Weekly, it favors analysis. Monthly, it may include files and surveys. The diffusion delay depends on the target. Senior executives need it as early as 8 a.m. It is sufficient to distribute it at 11 a.m. to all staff.
  • Choose the shape. You have the choice between resuming articles (reproduction) or summarizing them.

Tips to build a press coverage book

Methodology and advice

The press coverage review should never be an indigestible paving stone. It is a working tool which should be easy to read. It should not take more than half an hour to read it. When you cite only excerpts from an article, you should point it out.

Specialized companies can take care of producing press reviews for you. When you subscribe, you will specify the monitoring criteria and selection profiles that interest you. For example, Argus de la presse analyzes more than 17,000 publications in France and abroad. About ten companies provide similar services.

Advantage :

  • The press coverage review is a business intelligence tool. It allows him to situate himself in his sector of activity and to use the news wisely to make strategic decisions.

Precaution to take :

  • A press coverage review should not censor certain articles or information on the pretext that they are negative for the company or the organization. It is a miscalculation. This “bad” information will eventually filter through and take on disproportionate importance. It is better then to abandon any idea of a press review.
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